Cannonball Bounce

A Bouncing Puzzler

Cannonball Bounce is on the iPhone now! For only $0.99!

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Reviews: (4.5/5) Stars, "... Cannonball Bounce is a wonderful game, puzzle game fans would love spending their time with and a perfect deal for just 99 cents.",
"... you’ll find a deep, challenging game that will really get your brain working. ...Cannonball Bounce has what really matters – gameplay" "In Cannonball Bounce, the arrangements and challenges are many and this physicis puzzles is hard to put down...". (4/5 Stars): "... Cannonball Bounce is a gem..." (4/5 rating), "... people of all ages will enjoy this game."

Game Features:
  • Easy to play touch mechanics
  • 100 challenging and fun levels
  • Levels naturally progress in difficulty
  • Multiple ways to solve each puzzle
  • Defying Physics in changing worlds
  • Many unique obstacles
  • Independently developed (a one man team)

How To Play:

  • Move/Rotate Your Blocks
  • Aim Cannon
  • Shoot Cannonball and Watch it Bounce to the Finish!